Hi :). I'm a solo game dev hobbyist and lifelong coder, with a long-term goal to form a team/studio. Links to WebGL builds of some of my initial work with Unity Engine are below, along with a few outdated gameplay videos. I'm mostly away from game development at the moment but will have some exciting announcements to make in the future!

Content/art in the titles I've shared is comprised of public domain plus assets from the Unity Asset Store and elsewhere, aside from a few random things I threw together myself. The framework, game code and shaders are by me with a few exceptions (for example, using Rewired for input, or generating 3D foliage at runtime with a modified version of Broccoli and rendering the result with SpeedTree-based Shader Graphs). The games themselves were mostly about functionality (i.e. me learning how to do specific things and/or creating reusable code). The website I'll be replacing this with later this year (adamgolden.ca) will list a few other assets I've also made use of or otherwise found useful along the way.

System Requirements: Modern gaming laptop or desktop, keyboard, mouse, high speed internet and a compatible web browser (Chrome 77+, Edge 79+, Firefox 74+, ..and probably Safari 16+). Mobile devices are not supported.

Casual Racing: WebGL. Free. A simple racing game, featuring 14 unique roads of 8 worlds, with both Classic and Time Trial modes for each direction. Most easily played with a gamepad/joystick. Controls are remappable. Various easy objectives, leaderboards and deferred multiplayer (aka ghost/replay racing).

Tower Offense: WebGL. Free. 3 worlds with 3 "base areas" each. Most easily played with a keyboard and mouse, although gamepads/joysticks are supported and remappable. Various objectives, leaderboards and deferred multiplayer (score attack vs. ghosts/replays).

Bagged!: WebGL. Free. A lawnmowing prototype, the last of my hobbyist projects to be made available. One scenario to play, with a leaderboard for one so inclined. May be played with gamepad/joystick or WASD/keyboard.

Adam Golden

Email: adam@tentatively.online
itch.io: https://adamgolden.itch.io/
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/adamgolden
Unity: @adamgolden

This website will be replaced by adamgolden.ca later this year.

Please Note

Beyond the games listed at left, any WIPs (works in progress), MVPs (minimally viable products), tech demos or experiments are now accessible by invitation only. Thank you to all the testers who provided valuable feedback while access was open to all.

Adam Golden