This page provides contact information and details for any assets, tutorials, projects or other content created by me with or for use with Unity Engine. This is a recent addition to my site and empty-ish for now, but I will be adding functionality and expanding what's here as time and motivation permit.

For More Information

Unity Forum, June 28th (updated September 24th), 2021

Please see my thread on the Unity Forum for weekly screenshots, video and/or info about my first Unity Engine game. I'm known there by my PSN name @polemical. I've been doing weekly WIP-related posts about it since last year, so if you'd like to know more about some of what I've done with Unity Engine so far, please feel free to check it out. My weekly post on the forum will continue until the end of this year when the project is complete. I'll basically be adding content to the game until December, then spending the last month on final touches and optimization. As of December 31st the game will be selectable by anyone from the "Select Game" menu.

Adam Golden

Canadian game development enthusiast and lifelong programmer. I have experience with a number of engines and languages both personally and professionally. I currently work with Unity Engine 2022.1 daily using C#, PHP and Javascript. I am not available for hire at this time.

Untitled WIP / Upcoming Title

I plan to release my first Unity Engine title at the end of the year (on this website). It's a free game, unfunded and a part of my learning process. It'll be programmer art-ish but hopefully fun! Many related tools and systems will eventually be refined into assets for other developers.

The latest live WebGL 2.0 build of the older "Test Worlds" is here. Please note that it's not the game itself and reflects earlier work. If you'd be interested in becoming a tester or would just like to see more recent stuff firsthand prior to release, let me know! :)

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