Privacy Policy

No IP addresses, browser user agents, referrers or device information is collected. No 3rd-party tracking plugins are implemented. Users currently have no means of communicating with each other or identifying each other in-game or on this website.

I use Vimeo to host videos, in order to keep the server bandwidth it would otherwise take available to players. I am able to see the number of views each video has had.

If creating your profile by signing in with Google, no special permissions are requested and no password will be required to sign in later. A unique identifier provided by the process is associated with your profile, and you may submit a Display Name to replace the auto-generated one (which looks something like "new_1A2B3C4D"). Your Google Profile Photo is not linked to, embedded, copied/stored or visible to other users here unless you decide to upload the same one as your avatar. The other personal information provided by Google when using it to sign in (name, email) are ignored and are not collected.

Passwords for users that join directly are not stored in plain text (hashed only), may not be recovered and currently may not be changed. All data being stored is incidental to gameplay features, managing a profile and participating in online multiplayer. Other users may see your submitted Display Name and Avatar in high scores lists / leaderboards and compete against a ghost replay of your best run per scenario for games which support the feature. Only 1 replay per scenario per user is hosted - a better score will replace any previous one for the same scenario.

No replays are uploaded for users which are not signed in. For Guest users (i.e. not signed in), "Personal Ghost" feature replays are stored in your browser's temporary memory and lost when refreshing the page, or discarded sooner due to memory consumption considerations. They may be disabled from the in-game Options menu if you'd prefer not to compete with yourself.

Web hosting is provided by HostUpon from servers in Canada.

Emails sent to me go directly to my personal inbox.

These terms are subject to change without notice.

Content Advisory

This is the personal website of a hobbyist game dev. All in-game content currently available is intended to be suitable for all audiences. Display Names and Avatars submitted by players must clear a moderation queue before being openly visible on this website or in builds for any other platforms. In the future, there will be age verification required for access to some games, features or areas where moderation may not apply (subject to exceptions where in conflict with the laws of Ontario, Canada).

Cookie Policy

Your preferences and login are stored in a server-side session. The ID of this session is stored in your browser as a cookie until its expiry, which is 30 days after your visit. Google adds an additional cookie when players use it to sign in. If you close related tabs or windows and clear your cookies, your in-game preferences will be reset to defaults and you will need to sign in again to access your account.